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Socialization & Desensitization

They are well socialized with other humans, cats, children, and dogs. During important developmental stages,  they are handled often and carefully so they are not aggressive and well-tempered. They are exposed to a variety of new smells, sounds, and items – especially things that might be frightening later in life.

Health Guarantee

All puppies are checked by the local veterinarian and given the first round of vaccinations. DNA tests are preformed on the dam and sire of each litter to ensure that no genetic health diseases are passed onto their offspring. At A1 Pomskies, we pride ourselves in ethical breeding. Each puppy comes with a 1-year genetic health guarantee!

Early Neurological Stimulation

What is ENS? It is the application of daily, gentle exercises that apply slight stressors to the puppies for 5 seconds at a time. ENS strengthens the puppy’s neurological system and puppies who experience ENS at a young age are proven to have less illness, stronger cardiac health, and live longer healthier lives.

Free Puppy Starter Kit

We send our puppies home with a Pee pads , Puppy shampoo, Dog bowls, Treats, Chews, Toys, Blanket with Littermates’ and Mom’s scents, Vaccinations, Kibble, and much more!


Have your furbaby delivered straight to your door or at a nearby airport! We are able to deliver for free within a 50 mile radius from Orange County, California. Ground Transportation and Flight Nanny Services are available for long distances as well.

Available Puppies

Tofu is a F2 female plush coat brown eyed mini Pomsky. At 8 weeks old, she weights about 5 lb. She is charting to be about 14-15 pounds full grown. She is am energetic pup!
Kimchi is a F2 female wooly coat wolfsable/agouti toy Pomsky. She has 1 blue eye and another half blue half brown eye. At 8 weeks old she is about 3lbs and is charting to be about 8-10 pounds full grown. She is not shy and is very playful. Shes sweet and well tempered. She looks like a mini wolf!
Udon is a F2 male wooly coat brown eyed mini Pomsky. At 8 weeks old he’s about 6 pounds. He’s charting to be about 15-17 pounds full grown. He’s my chonky boy who loves attention and gives you lots of hugs and kisses.
Taro is a F2 male wooly coat blue eyed toy Pomsky. At 8 weeks old he is about 5lbs. He’s charting to be about 13-15 pounds full grown. He’s has a cute husky mask and stunning blue eyes and can be vocal when he wants something. Hes super playful and fiesty.

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I love pomskies!

Hi, I'm Sharon Wong!

I’m the breeder behind A1 Pomskies located in Orange County, CA. I am a small, at-home breeder that loves her dogs and wants to give the same joy of owning a Pomsky to others. I specialize in mini and toy/micro pomskies 15 pounds or lower. Under 24 hour watch and care, the pups are raised as one of our own. I only have one litter at a time so I can give my full attention to each litter.

A little bit more about me

Growing up, I was always in love with animals and have a nurturing personality. Like most kids, I wanted to be a veterinarian growing up, but I found that breeding is what brings me joy. It’s such an amazing feeling when a new family meets the puppy they’re adopting for the first time. I put a lot of love into each pup that I raise and it’s so rewarding to watch them grow. I really put an emphasis on ethical breeding and genetic health. 

How I got into breeding

 When I was younger, I wanted a dog so badly but my family would never let me get one. The moment I went to college, I adopted a little pom-mix off Craigslist for just $50 from what, I didn’t know at the time, was a backyard breeder. That pup is still in our family today but not without a ton of effort and vet medical bills. Although she was inexpensive, it costed me tens of thousands of dollars in the long run as she developed a variety of health problems due to unethical breeding. It was heartbreaking to see my first furbaby in so much pain. I wanted to give people dogs that were properly bred with the future in mind so that they don’t have to go through the same heartbreak. 

My special breeding program

I wanted to give families puppies that were bred ethically with health, genetics, and other factors in mind. I wanted to save families the heartbreak I experienced of seeing my first dog suffer as they grew older. I specialize in micro/toy and mini pomskies around 15lbs and under. All dams and sires in the program are properly DNA tested and we only deal with other reputable breeders. Because we are small at home breeder, we only have one litter at a time so we can dedicate as much time and care as possible. We make sure they are well raised and exposed to other dogs, humans, and cats. They are well tempered, sociable, and healthy pups that come with a one year genetic health guarantee and a puppy starter gift basket.

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Dams and Sires


Future Litters

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